How to play Teen Patti online game


You should be the happiest person if you want to how to play teen patti game online because we got your back. Teen Patti is the ultimate Indian native card game that wows millions of players from various parts of the country. In some parts, they call this game 3 card Brag, Flush or Flash, as it is India’s poker version. It comes in different 3 patti variations powered by award-winning software developers. Besides, you can still find live dealer versions of the game in different online casinos. 

3 Patti game plays excellently well on PC, laptops, and mobile devices. Thus, you can utilize any of these devices as you employ a few tactics and luck to win. 

However, before you can play the game, there are a few things you should handle first. For example, you have to choose the casino where you will be playing the game at and understand teen patti game how to play. Additionally, you need to make sure your devices are ready for the game by ensuring stable internet connectivity and battery levels are okay. This guide will be handy in helping you play teen Patti on the online casino you will select. 

Teen Patti Rules

The successful playing of teen Patti requires adherence to its set of rules. Therefore, you should begin by understanding how to play 3 patti rules of the game. Happily, you don't need to research elsewhere since we have this comprehensive section below. It covers the teen Patti rules that you need to be aware of; 

  1. Teen Patti involves a single deck of game cards which holds 52 cards, and the game does not require any jokers. In most cases, the table will comfortably accommodate 3 to 7 gamers in one round. 

  2. Every gamer and the dealer are dealt with 3 cards face down. In this round, the dealer will be one of the current gamers and is randomly chosen. The winner of this initial round becomes the next dealer. 

  3. You will start to bet with the gamer sitting at most of the teen Patti dealer's left. 

  4. Every player should move their chips to the pot or center of the table. Do not be confused since the pot and center of the table are synonyms in this case. 

  5. If the gamers opt to place a bet, they will have to choose to play either Blind or chaal. 

  6. Besides, players can still go for a sideshow  in which all the gamers and the dealer will have to disclose their cards. 

  7. Notably, there are no limits on the number of rounds of the online teen patti real money game or even the betting. 

Teen Patti moves

The cards will get dealt in this game, and each player will have 3. The cards will be dealt face down. Thus, you will have to flip them to check what you have received. However, it is not a must for you to flip the cards. Note that in 3 patti game how to play, you can opt to play blind. To learn more about this, check out the moves below;

  1. Playing blind - we have already mentioned that you can opt not to flip the cards dealt with. This means that you will place bets directly. This is a bold move that you actually should learn. 

  2. Playing Seen - this is another name for chaal. Once you flip the cards to check what you have, you can opt to give up (Pack or Fold) or just Bet with regard to the strength of your Card's combination. 

  3. Slideshow- a slideshow is also referred to as a Back show. Notably, you can access a slideshow after checking your dealt cards and even placing your bet. The last gamer to place a bet will qualify for the sideshow. Moreover, other gamers can still decide whether they are okay with the sideshow request. 

  4. Show - when the game has only two gamers remaining and one of the requests for a show, this is what guides them; 

    1. If the Seen gamer asks a Blind gamer to show their cards, the Seen gamer should place bets 4 times the amount of the current stake. 

    2. If the two of the gamers happen to be Seen, any of them will have to double their amount of stake. 

    3. The Blind gamer will not have any access to the Show move. 

Hand Rankings in Indian Teen Patti

There is much you need to know so that you can play this game well. Indeed, hand rankings are one of those things you really should understand. This section covers the teen patti ranking you need to be aware of:

  1. Trio or Trail - this refers to a teen patti sequence of three cards with a similar rank. 

  2. Straight Run refers to a sequence of three cards of a similar suit. 

  3. Normal Run - this refers to a sequence of three cards in consecutive order of various suits. 

  4. Flush - this refers to a sequence of three cards of a similar suit and even color. However, the 3 patti sequence list must not be in a consecutive manner. 

  5. Pair - when two of the three cards dealt belong to the same rank, we call it a Pair of sequence. 

  6. High Card- a sequence of three cards distinct, suit and are not in any order but have a high card in 3 patti in their sequence.  

How to play teen patti game online

Playing teen Patti can be a thrilling experience. However, you should consider where you will play it. Moreover, if you are aware of how to play teen patti on pc, you can still use other devices. By where, we mean the online casino you will play at. This is because many online casinos offer the game , but may not be ideal for you. Ideally, a great online would have these qualities:

  • Good and reliable customer service. 

  • A plethora of safe and secure banking options. 

  • A minimalistic design that plays excellently on mobile devices. 

  • Great live gaming features. 

  • High levels of safety and security measures on the site. 

  • Great payouts. 

  • Several teen patti variations of the play teen patti online games. 

  • An app for android or even iOS devices. 

  • A fully compatible mobile version. 

  • Also, know how to play teen patti on computer. 

Moreover, you need to understand a few basics of teen Patti. Check out these basics that you need to know;

  1. You should be aware that knowing how to play 3 patti card game online is the first step. It uses 52 cards on a single card deck. 

  2. Just like other poker or rummy games, you should place your bets just before the game cards are dealt. 

  3. You will need to place a fixed amount or boot amount at the table’s center. 

  4. Now, every gamer is dealt 3 cards faced down and the dealer too. 

  5. The next move is to make a call or raise. The raise means you are ready to increase the amount of money in the bet, while the call means that you will continue playing without putting more cash in the center of the gable. 

Because you will play the game at a reputable online casino, these are the steps you need to take:

  1. Create your account at the online casino. 

  2. Add funds. 

  3. Ensure it is verified. 

  4. Head over to the games section. Choose the teen patti real cash game and select your table. 

  5. You can now place the bet of your choices, such as ante or side bets

  6. The Card will be dealt, and you can opt to keep playing or fold your cards. 

  7. The gamer who has the Card with the highest value wins the real cash in the pot. 

Teen Patti Bet Options

This section covers the various bet options of teen Patti. Thus, we will discuss the main bet and side bet options available in teen Patti. 

Main Bet Options

In this category, you can bet on the ante, raise it or even the fold. As stated earlier, each of them has consequences. Besides, you can still employ sideshows or a show, but this will follow the guidelines we have listed and explained in the section above. However, there are some more side bets that you can leverage. These side bets are explained below. 

Side Bet Options

The side bets are only two at the online casinos. They are a perfect and fun way to include more fun into the gaming. Indeed, they make the game quite interesting even when you are playing the standard version of teen Patti. Here are the side bets we are talking about:

  • Pairs - in this side bet, you will get an additional payout if the gamer's hand has a better poker hand or simply a pair. 

  • 3 + 3 - this type of side bet will provide you with the best possible 5-card hand utilizing the cards and the casino dealers. 

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti has several 3 patti variations that you should know. Here they are:

  1. Royal teen Patti - this is a typical variant where gamers use only face cards and tend. However, this variant involves six gamers only because there are only 20 cards in the online teen patti game. 

  2. Joker teen Patti - every gamer in this variant has 2 cards plus a joker. The joker will be used as a limited wild card that makes the best game hand. 

  3. AK47- in this variant, the fours, aces, sevens, and kings are all considered wild. 

  4. Best of Four - in this type, you will get 4 cards to help you make the best possible 3-card hand. 

  5. Lowball/Muflis- in this variant, the poker hand with the lowest ranking emerges the winner. In some instances, this variant is referred to as Muflis teen Patti. 

  6. Teen Patti rapid- if you enjoy the online teen Patti games, you may come across some variants where you do not compete with anyone. In this type, you will win and make profits depending on the 3-card teen patti hands you have managed to make. However, you are only able to make the ante bet. 

  7. Cobra teen Patti - this is a teen Patti variant that is utilized for the very last hand. Each of the gamers gets only 1 card, which they should place on the forehead. All gamers can view each other's cards, yet they will not be able to see their own cards. Thus, you will all play blind in this variant of teen Patti. 

  8. Bust card draw - this is a teen Patti variation that works like Wild Draw. The dealer pulls a random card after dealing. However, the Card they have pulled is called the bust card, meaning that any player who has it should fold it. 

  9. Wild Draw - after dealing all cards, the dealer pulls a random card from the rest of the card deck, and all cards belonging to the rank should be wild. 

  10. Low Wild or High Wild - each gamer can utilize their lowest or 3 patti highest card as a wild, but this depends on the variant that you are playing. 

Teen Patti: Regular Bets, Limits and expected Payouts

There is more to understand if you want to know how to play 3 patti online and have a good experience. Luckily, we are walking with you to make sure you understand every aspect of the real teen patti online game. Indeed, we will now help you comprehend the regular bets, limits, and expected payouts. 

Here are the regular bets involved in teen Patti;

  • Ante - refers to the entry fee when you want to play teen Patti. Notably, this entry fee is not the same in all casinos. This initial bet amount will be added to the boot amount.

  • Post - this bet amount will be similar to that of the ante bet. This bet is involved where the gamer has to leave the round in an emergency to help remain part of the teen patti game online. 

  • Call and raise - these are the best on the table, where the call means the bet amount remains the same, but the raise increases the amount of bet. 

Teen Patti Limits

Here are the teen Patti game limits you should be aware of:

  • Fixed – in this limit, the highest amount of bet will be equal to the current bet amount. 

  • No limit - in this, there will no betting limits. 

  • Spread - this allows the gamer to increase bets to the highest acceptable amount of the table. 

Payouts In Side Bets

You can make a profit by playing teen Patti. Even if you lose at the main bets, you can still earn from side bets such as pair/better, 3 + 3, or even a Tie. 


You have to predict if the cards you have received are pairs or better. This type of bet is also known as P+ OR Pair +. Besides, you are also allowed to wager on various players' hand values. Notably, you will be expected to bet before card dealing. In this bet, you can find values such as straight flush, trio, mini royal, pair, color, or straight. 

3+3 Bonus

Also known as the 6-card Bonus, it requires you to wager right before dealing with the teen Patti cards. The top 3-card hand value from all sides will be put together to come up with a strong hand, and it relies on who you will be playing against. It involves hand values such as three of a kind, full house, straight, royal flush, straight flush, etc. 

A Tie

You can only play this type of bet against other gamers, and you will be required to make a call to predict that both gamers hold the same value of cards. Its expected payout is 50:0. 

Winning at Teen Patti

You can keep winning even when it is the first time to play teen Patti online. However, that may not be easy to achieve. Thus, you will need a few handy tips to help you achieve a winning streak. Here are various tips to follow:

  1. Study the teen Patti guidelines and implement each of them at a time. Besides, you can still gather further info from videos, blogs, and even the casino's tip pages. 

  2. Choose the right online gaming site. This will ensure that you can find great variants with good payouts and multiple bet options. 

  3. You can start small. Truly, there is a need, to begin with, for small bets in your initial days of teen Patti playing. Learn teen patti how to play and win money by making small bets as you advance to expert levels. 

  4. Seek help when the need arises. Remember to get help from a friend, a blog, a video, or even the casino you are playing at when you feel stuck. 

  5.  You can do more of playing blind, and you will earn more profits in the end. 


Check out the FAQs

Is Teen Patti a game of skill or chance?

No, but it combines both uses of handy tips and luck. 

How to win big in teen Patti?

Follow the teen Patti rules, learn how to play teen Patti online, and play blind most of the time if you lack a tactic. 

What is a fair deal when playing teen Patti?

When the site offers fairness across all the 3 patti variations. 

What is the highest teen Patti sequence?

The best sequence is A- K- Q. 

Can I make money playing teen Patti online?

Yes, you can play the real money variants of mobile devices. 

Can I play teen Patti on mobile devices?

Yes, the online casinos are compatible with mobile phone browsers or apps.